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Vancootech Investment’s Internationalization division has been dedicated in providing financial advisory and strategy consulting services to North American deep technology companies looking to form partnerships internationally.

We help our clients to identify their market position, develop a comprehensive fundraising and market entry strategy, and fully convey their value proposition to potential investors and strategic partners. In addition, we help our clients to identify investors whose strengths, resources, and culture makes for a true partnership, both financially and strategically.

Our team has built close relationships with strategic partners and investors from across the Pacific. We maintain a direct line to China’s top investors and strategic buyers, providing our clients with a smooth and efficient fundraising and partnership process that helps both parties to realize their goals and execute a win-win transaction.

China Entry

We provide companies who want to enter China or who are already operating in China with relevant regulatory, commericialization, and financing insights to effectively design and implement strategies.

Financial Advisory

We help business secure growth and acquisition capital, leveraging long-established relationships with venture capital, private equity and strategic investors.


We provide tailored & a advisory services to middle market business owners and investors pursuing a sale transaction. We are experts in generating shareholder wealth, either through a full or partial exit.

China Entry