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Vancootech Investment

Cantage Fund I VCC British Columbia Tech Companies

  • Disruptive technology break-throughs
  • Operational companies with steady income

Cantage Capital LP Tech companies outside BC province

  • Due to the restriction on VCC, Cantage Fund I can only invest in BC based companies. Hence the investments to companies outside BC province will be carried out in Cantage Capital LP.

Cantage Fund I the only VCC with Chinese background

VCC (Venture Capital Corporation) is a provincial policy in British Columbia, to support the capital investment for provincial small businesses.

Registered EBC (Eligible Business Corporation) are eligible to receive investments from VCC.

Cantage Fund I is approved and a registered VCC on June 11th 2018

  • 30% tax credit
    • Investors to receive 30% tax credit of his/her investment, directly from CRA
    • Up to $60,000 annually, for 5 years in total
    • Investors must be BC residents to be eligible for the tax credit
    • Invest via RRSP accounts may enjoy up to 74% tax benefit
  • EBC (Eligible Business Corporation)
    • BC companies
      • Incorporated in BC
      • 75% of the employee salary pays to BC employees
      • 80% of the asset is in BC
    • Business types
      • R&D of proprietary technology (the majority of registered EBC)
      • Manufacturing, digital media, resort hotel, etc
    • Funds not allowed to use on:
      • Issue loan or repay loan
      • Buy or lease land, etc
  • Minimum 5-year
    • Must hold the investment for minimum 5 years
    • Repay the tax credit in the event of early exit/ redemption
    • Does not affect dividends – hence the dividends can be issued without penalty

Smart Industry

Hardware + Software

Robotics + Algorithm

Big Data

Clean Tech

Clean & renewable energy

Industrial power storage

Medical Device

Class 2 and 3 medical devices

Internet of Things




We invest in “core” technologies rather than business model innovations

We look for deep technology companies, that disrupt industries with revolutionary solutions.

New technologies are the power to change the industry and with our investment and strategic resources, we help our portfolio companies grow exponentially bigger and faster.

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Robotics Vision

Toronto, ON

A recognized world leader in robotic vision technology. Serving top-tier manufacturers globally for over ten years.

  • Engaged in 2016. After assessment, we identified the market potential, and joined $2m Series A in Dec 2016.
  • Further engaged the strategic leads to expand the business. Established an international Joint Venture with a public company.
  • Acquired by a public company in early 2018 with 1.75x return.

Micro-needle medical device

Vancouver, BC

A medical device company of a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform. The world’s first of its kind.

  • We quickly identified market potential after comprehensive assessment, and led the bridge round financing of $800k closed in March 2018.
  • Leveraging the strategic resources we bring in, we are to discuss business expansion and finalize an international JV in six months from the bridge round.
  • We are looking to support the company to achieve more milestones. Expecting the next equity round at 2-3x valuation in a year or two.
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